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Re: COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS 5-page preview

The Wormhole wrote:
Hell, I remember when Generations came out, I had the novelization (or juniour novelization, to be more accurate) several days before the movie's theatrical release, and the first thing I did was read the last chapter. I don't usually do that with books, but since this was a movie I had to know how it ended. Of course, with this and Trek XI I can't do that since novelizations are released after the movie's release. Okay, that's not an Abrams thing, a lot of movies are doing that these days.
Reminds me of SW...

By the time I saw TESB I had already read the comic adaptation of the film. Then I ordered the ROTJ storybook ( like a kiddie novelization ) - which was due to arrive before the film came out - through my school, but the order got screwed up/delayed. A friend down the block had it and let me look at it, but the weird thing is he would only let me read the very beginning and the very end.

I am significantly more spoiler-averse now.

Also, I believe the novelization of ROTS was released before the film.
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