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Re: Some "Court Martial" notes.

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For me, nothing beets a wrench lying around the engine room of the most advanced ship in Starfleet.
I don't have a problem with that. New technologies usually coexist alongside old technologies rather than replacing them altogether. We live in the age of nuclear power and computers, but we still use fire and string and buttons and knives, technologies harnessed hundreds of thousands of years ago. No reason to think the same won't be true a paltry quarter-millennium from now.

After all, the laws of physics that make a wrench useful today -- leverage, torque, and the like -- will still be just as valid two hundred or two million years from now.
As seen on DS9 whenever they use makeshift equipment to get a panel open...etc...which makes me think of a technical TOS question:

Is a hand phaser *really* starfleets go-to-tool when something gets locked down?? Hell of a versatile weapon. Stuns, kills, warms rocks, warms coffee, cuts through panels.
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