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Re: Spock Ethical Dilemmas

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More broadly, I don't see anything in "Enterprise Incident" that hurt the integrity of the Spock character. What are you referring to?
Neither do I. Spock was under orders to get the damned cloaking device.

We can assume Starfleet might already have tried more secretive espionage ways to get the device and finally came up with this idea. It was a risky move because it could have gone wrong in so many ways. Indeed, the Romulan Commander tossing herself into the transporter beam might well have forestalled the Romulans declaring war. They not only lost a highly valued bit of hardware but also an experienced command officer---doesn't look too good for them particularly if it got out to their Klingon "allies." I could even see Starfleet "letting" it leak to the Klingons just to foster more distrust between the empires.
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