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Sci Fi author Peter David has suffered a stroke

From George Takei on Facebook:

A favor, friends. My dear friend Peter David, a renowned Sci Fi / Fantasy writer, suffered a stroke. His family is facing heavy medical bills, but doesn't want handouts. Instead, if you'd like to help, check out his work and pick up a copy of one of his books. I wish him a full and speedy recovery.
Babylon 5 fans will know him as the writer of Soul Mates and There All The Honor Lies, as well as penning The Centauri Trilogy novels.

(Yeah that's right, I just quoted George Takei!)

(Mods, please realise I am quoting George's post in full as a message to fans; please don't think I'm trying to pedal books from Amazon. If there's a conflict of interest here by all means remove the link).
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