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Re: COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS 5-page preview

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There is value in being surprised by a story.
I guess that's what it all comes down to, I don't care for surprises, and never have. Even as a child I always peaked at my Christmas presents. Hell, I remember when Generations came out, I had the novelization (or juniour novelization, to be more accurate) several days before the movie's theatrical release, and the first thing I did was read the last chapter. I don't usually do that with books, but since this was a movie I had to know how it ended. Of course, with this and Trek XI I can't do that since novelizations are released after the movie's release. Okay, that's not an Abrams thing, a lot of movies are doing that these days.

Yes, I admit, I'm a spoiler whore and that's not going to change. And maybe it is detrimentat to know everything in advance, but not relvealing anything is simply another extreme. And could potentially be detrimental, there are those who argue that complete mystery as to the plot worked against Super 8. Unfortunately this is a theory that can't be proved since everyone else reveals something about their movies before release.
I loved Super 8. I primarily loved it because I had no idea (except the vaguest notion that it was some sort of homage to early Spielberg) what it was about before I saw it. The characters are exactly the age I was in the timeframe the film's story is set and I grew up in a neighbourhood not all that different from the one depicted in the movie. I had friends who resembled the kids in the movie a great deal. All of that was much more fun to experience as it was unfolding rather than having it all spoiled ahead of time.

As for not having any "spoilers" for the new movie--two trailers and a 9-minute preview seem pretty meaty in the spoiler category. What more do you want, the final draft of the script published online months before it comes out? Access to the workprint? A copy of the manuscript of the novelization?

Thankfully, neither you, nor anyone else who has no need to access such things, appear likely to be granted such access. Makes it far less likely the rest of us will be spoiled.
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