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Re: Putting the Shatner "ego issue" from TOS to rest

R. Star wrote: View Post
. How much bigger of an ego can you get than that?
Probably the ego from the guy who took what--no more than 15 minutes worth of screen time on TOS (even less on TAS), and elevated that to Sulu deserving not only his own ship, but a TV series. Nothing touches that level of delusional self-importance.

Honestly, that would be as bad if the actress who portrayed Scrubs' minor supporting character nurse Laverne campaigned for Laverne the Series, because her fans think she's "all that", and should be on the level of the Scrubs stars/series focus.

Actually, that may not be the best example, because Laverne had about 10 times the amount of screen time/dialogue as Sulu, and more character develpment.

I guess that means Takei really has no grounds to even think of a Sulu series!
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