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Re: Fringe Series Finale (Discussion, Spoilers)

That was a pretty good ending to a pretty lackluster final season.

So is Windmark dead or not? I went back and watched it twice. She TK slams a car into him, but he teleports away, but then there's a head-shaped blood smear on the window. So did she smush his brains as he tried to teleport away? Then why is there no body? Or did he survive? I wish we had a body for a definitive answer.

That was pretty effed up to kill September at the last second like that.

I think the greatest flaw of this episode, and the end of this season, is that having the kid be utterly silent and emotionless makes me not give one fig about him. The entire season revolves around him and I do not care at all about the character. Because he isn't a character. He's a plot device just sitting there who happens to be played by an actor.
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