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Re: Fascinating TAS Information

But that's not what we're talking about. We're talking about the prospects of adapting a live-action property, [I wrote:

Star Trek[/I], into a contemporaneous animated series. There are numerous prior instances where that has been done. The fact that they're outnumbered by straight comics-to-animation adaptations is irrelevant to this particular point.
It is the central point: they were outnumbered because historically, attempts to adapt movies as cartoons have not been a strong sub-genre in animation--certainly not as successful as media which has a more natural place in animation.

Since it has, in fact, happened multiple times, it is therefore possible. Period.
Many were flops, including Fantastic Voyage, The Karate Kid, etc.

Yes, and it's even more well-known today. It's not as if people have forgotten it existed. The 2009 film was the 7th-highest grossing movie of the year in the US! It just doesn't make sense to say that ST was more popular or more of a cultural icon in 1973 than it is in 2013. Yes, ST's popularity has waned considerably from where it was twenty years ago, but it's still bigger than it was forty years ago.

What I dispute is your insistence that it's somehow become obscure and forgotten today.
It is not relevant anymore. The current cultural heroes from the aforementioned films/series have completely ripped the attention away from ST. Any film can be the 7th biggest domestic earner in a year, but what is actually staying with the public? Why was it not the 2nd or year end winner?

Characters from the noted series are, not NuTrek, which to the swelling masses who could not get enough of The Avengers (and other Marvel films), Dark Knight, the LOTR films, Avatar, Potter or Hunger Games, ST is just "more of the same," since it overstayed its welcome during the 4 Berman series and related films.

With each new production dating back to TNG, ST has lost the fascination of the present day general public, which says something about the lack of cultural "glue" of recent series which--in theory--should be the fresh memory in the minds of audiences, but it is the extreme opposite.

Characters like Kirk and Spock and the image of the 1701 were already part of the general pop culutral iconography/language in the so-called lean, "in between" years of 1970-78, so much so that even something seemingly insignificant as catchphrases never uttered on TOS were thought to be genuine. that says much about how popular it was.

Contrast that with the Berman series, where, most average people on the street would struggle to even name a single character from his series.

Futhermore, there would have been no reason to reboot the franchise if all was going well...and even after rebooting, the problems remain when pitting ST against the movie/cultural goliaths of the modern day. For example, back in 1982, E.T. was--by far--the biggest film of that year, but TWOK was not only a hit, but more importantly, people--even beyond Trekkers--were talking about the film. It saved the franchise by living up to the broad appeal temporarily lost by TMP. In '84, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Ghostbusters were the biggest hits, but TSFS continued to fuel ST as a vital part of the new fantasy/blockbuster era otherwise known as the 1980s.

Today, people talk about Marvel movies, the LOTR films...even characters in the awful Twilight films, but NuTrek is here...but that's all one can say about it, as the characters and situations are not striking that larger, pop cultural chord.

The fact is, CBS has made gazillions of dollars from Trek over the decades and they're very well aware that it's got enormous profit potential. So they would absolutely be interested in a new Trek series, animated or otherwise. They may, in fact, already be talking with Kurtzman & Orci about making a new animated series.
Talking about a new AS, or even producing it does not change the state of the Trek union, so to speak.
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