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Re: Versions of ST:TMP on DVD and/or Blu-ray

It's been covered to death in other threads over the past decade or more, but the DE seems to reflect the SharpLineArts people's idea of what the movie should be more than Wise's. They addressed some very specific shots Wise wanted added, but most of the DE stuff doesn't really reflect Wise's STATED problems with the theatrical cut (drydock scene too long, vger flyover too long by MINUTES) ...

There is a ton of concept art for San Francisco done in 78-79 that doesn't look anything like what they did in the DE.

The DE Vulcan merely represents one set of boards and art from 78-79, not any particular favored one (why they didn't go back to the Yuricich stuff that had been started and probably near-finished before it was pulled and taken to some other vendor I can't imagine ... you can see the approved concept and him painting it in a lot of mags of the time.)

I've never seen any concept art for the officer's lounge with one nacelle out there; the art always had a symmetrical view of the nacelles, consistent with the lounge beneath the bridge, not the one that (apparently) is a cloaked lounge hovering in space above the recreation deck.

And why you go to the trouble of putting that eyesore nacelle out there but DON'T bother color-correcting the whole scene -- a scene with people in blue costumes shot against bluescreen, why Why WHY wasn't anybody on the show even recognizing this in 1978! -- I just can't imagine.

Wise trusted the SharpLine people, who also did his SOUND OF MUSIC restoration for DVD, so presumably he also deferred to them on various aspects (his commentary absolutely just sounds like something he is reading, and only some of the time seems to represent his actual stated views about certain scenes.)

The whole DE was supposedly done for half-mil or less, that includes the new and godawful sound mix, what passes for restoration when you have no money to do it right, and the VFX additions. I think you'd've needed to double that to get anywhere near what the DE actually needed to have done to it.
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