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Re: Does It Get Better???

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Then why didn't you take a bullet and get between Dee and Riker for us?

Nude ceremony on Betazed.

But then I'd have to de-flab.. would it be worth it to go to all that boring effort just to save Troi..

And what would I do with her once I had her. Keep her in chocolate and eventually go Vulky repressing my feelings so she would stop talking about them all the time. It would be doomed, but not until the honeymoon on Risa was over.

During the honeymoon we.. oh never mind, enough of TNG in the VOY forum, enough I say!

I am Picard's young clone with a horrific disease that can only be cured by a complete transfusion from... Dear god.

Did Shinzon kill Robert and Rene Picard, or fake their deathes because it was too hard to gain access to Jean-Luc's blood? Was he milking them like cows for Picard dna?

That's completely brilliant!!

What a sicko.

That would have added some great nefariousness.

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