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Re: The Worf & Troi romance... what are your thoughts on it?

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Worf and Troi never worked. It felt fake. The writers really should have known better. Kind of like Trip and T'pol on Enterprise, they worked better to some degree but the real chemistry was with Archer. I guess the writers just wanted to go against what came naturally.
Fake it might have been, but it couldn't possibly be faker - and by that I mean more contrived and less like actual real life - than what passed for a romance between Riker and Troi. That was fake. I've seen plenty of unlikely couples - admittedly none involving a Klingon and a Betazoid - but I have never in real life met anybody who could, so long as it furthered the plot, ignore a great undying love for seven years, and all while seeing the object of this great love every single day. Yet that's what we're supposed to think was the case with Riker and Troi. Ridiculous.

(And it isn't helped by the fact that, for me, almost nobody is worse at a love scene than Jonathan Frakes, who always comes across as smarmy and insincere even when he's supposed to be in the throes of passion.)

Such conveniently disposable romances happen on TV a lot, not merely Trek, and I hate it everytime. It's not right to expect viewers to take characters seriously if the writers don't.

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I figured Worf and Troi were broken up by Generations. There was no indication at all they were together in any fashion. Heck he was letting Data shield her when the ship crashed. But yes, I agree a line in the movie about them not being together anymore would've been nice.
Good point. I forgot about that.
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