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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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So, some things were important, but like you said, they had nothing to do with the overall plot of those episodes.
Not really---the Scarrans and the chip were major plot points in both episodes. What was not a major plot point in WGFA was the "fake earth" thing; that was just a setting, it really had nothing at all to do with the story. Likewise, the wedding in the Princess trilogy was just a plot device to pull in the real story, which is about Scarran and Peacekeeper politics.

I don't particularly care at this point whether you ever watch those, but please stop pretending you know what the episodes are like when your descriptions clearly indicate that you don't.

Please keep in mind that summaries don't tell the whole story, and will usually tell you just enough to ruin the surprises but not enough to give you everything you need to know to evaluate an episode.
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