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Re: Fascinating TAS Information

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Just to clarify, Paramount has made the gazillions
And the corporation that was called Paramount Television back then is called CBS Studios now. It's still essentially the same entity.

History has proved that Star Trek works on the big screen better than on television.
Are you kidding? Based on what? There are a dozen Trek movies and over 700 TV episodes. TNG was such a huge success that it spawned a whole industry of first-run syndicated scripted shows. We had two simultaneous Trek series on TV for seven years in a row, but the movies only came out once every 2-4 years. And the TV shows were big-budget, prestige productions by TV standards while the films were middle-budget productions by feature standards. And as for quality, the movies have been pretty uneven over the years; so have the series, but I think that if you averaged out the rankings of all the Trek episodes ever made, you'd get at least a slightly higher figure than if you averaged the rankings of all the movies.
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