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Re: The Worf & Troi romance... what are your thoughts on it?

I really, really, really dislike contrived, exploit-it-when-it's-useful-ignore-it-when-it's-not romances, and if you ask me, which you kinda did, they don't get much more contrived, used when it's useful and ignored when it's not than Riker/Troi. I was sick of it before the end of the first season, so you can imagine how I felt when it dragged on and on and on and on and on. Therefore, I was delighted with the Worf/Troi romance. It felt far less contrived than Riker/Troi - at least it wasn't alternatively exploited and ignored...until Worf moved to DS9, when it was ignored. That's only thing I didn't like about it. They couldn't have allowed Worf 30 seconds of screentime to explain that he'd had this relationship that broke up when he got a new assignment? That was careless and unnecessary. But other than that, I liked it. A lot.
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