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Re: Which "job" on DS9 would you most like to have?

Melakon wrote: View Post
That's a good one, Sam. They never dealt much with traffic control.
As automatic as a main character made the "you are clear for docking" I pretty much always assumed computers handled that and all the character was doing was plugging in info for a new ship and the computer gives it a docking heading and course which is clear of other ships and what not.

lurok wrote: View Post
I wouldn't like to clean out the holodecks. Or maybe they're self-cleaning?
Doubt it. While the E-D boasted about self-cleaning technology, we never actually see it. Besides Quark makes Rom and Nog clean up messes as punishment at his bar. So if there are self-cleaning systems, Quark is too cheap to pony out for one.
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