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Re: Classic Who on BBC America

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I do not understand why BBCA plays BSG and ST:TNG. Also, while I know that Top Gear and that Ramsay Kitchen Guy must be popular, I find it hard to believe that there are not other British programmes (both currently being made AND older out-of-production shows) that Americans would enjoy with which the BBCA could fill out their schedule.
BBC America is a commercial network, and they have to show things that they know will get eyeballs for advertisers and will justify what they pay to show it.
I guess I should have been a bit better on how I phrased my comment-

I do understand the needs of a commercial network. It just seems sad that the only British programmes that Americans are interested in (or networks think Americans are interested in) are Who, Top Gear & Ramsay on BBCA and the same handful of 20-30 year old repeats of British comedies that are shown on PBS on Saturday nights.

BSG and Trek on BBCA? Sort of like flying to Paris so you can eat at McDonalds.
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