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Re: Some "Court Martial" notes.

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The officers Kirk referred to in his later log entry were the ones selected to comprise his court-martial board, namely Space Command Representative Lindstrom and Captains Krasnovsky and Chandra, whom we saw in the courtroom scenes but who were definitely not present in the bar scene. So there is no continuity error here.
I suggest you watch the episode or the corresponding screencaps (you could have just clicked on the one I provided) again. Here is the scene from the court-martial for comparison:

In the Starbase club scene Space Command Representative Lindstrom (in his dress uniform) looks up at the young lady in the company of the court reporter (dress uniform), sitting next to him is Captain Chandra (dress uniform). Captain Krasnovsky (blue dress uniform) is walking past the counter in the background.

To say you don't remember seeing them there, is one thing, but to state they were "definitely" not present, suggests you researched the issue. Obviously you did not.


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