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Re: 'Dark Frontier' Where the Borg went wrong?

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So I'm still on my first watch through of VOY. After completing Dark Frontier I feel this is where the Borg went bad in Star Trek.

From the introduction of the Mary Sue ship Voyager destroying a Borg ship with a single photon torpedo.

To the Mary Sue and totally inappropriate Hansen family and their quest to study the Borg. How inept are the Borg to let a single ship stalk them for 3 years and even neglect the transporter singles of drones being beamed off and back, and Papa Hasen's on recon on to the cube. OH WAIT THEY'RE GENIUSES. That explains everything, and all their ingenuity.

The stupid frakking Queen, and her duality for 7 of 9's soul against Janeway.

To Tuvok being able to disable the shields for a Borg cube capable of destroying the entire cube.

There are more things I dislike about this episode but what do guys think?

At times it feels more like an episode of NuDoctor Who. Where the 11th Doctor can just talk the Daleks in to submission despite the Dalek's reputation as no BS killers. The Queen is at a Unimatrix with millions of Borgs, and yet she is overcome by Janeway talking to her when she could just order her drones to kill/assimilate Janeway.
Well to be fair the Doctor uses his wits more foten than some sort of weapon, and remember the Time lords are at least equal to the Daleks if not sperior. Whilst the Federation is supposedly weaker than the Borg.
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