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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

I happen to have a somewhat similar opinion to kirk55555's, since I vastly prefer Babylon 5 over Farscape, and never really connected with the latter.

I thought Farscape was a show with great potential, that was somehow wasted on over the top stories. Many times the show was just too wierd and/or crazy for my tastes.

Unlike kirk, I actually enjoyed Chiana and really liked Scorpion. I also didn't skip the Princess Trilogy nor Won't Get Fooled Again. I though the former was an interesting adventure (though it could have been condensed into two episodes, which I think was the initial plan) and the latter one of Season 2's best episodes. The revelations, the way the episode conveys John's brutal mental breakdown and how it shatter's our expectations of "another damned fake Earth episode", are things that cannot be dennied.

However, loads of uninteresting episodes, focused on the before mentioned craziness, leaving less episodes to deal with the fascinanting wormwhole storyline, an awfull "will they or won't they" romance (something which I absolutely detest) full of melodramatic scenes, lack of direction (are they going home or what? they just wander around for the most part) and storyline choices such as disregarding Tallyn and Crais for pratically the entirety of Season 2, simply made me appreciate the show less less.

Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

Oh, and kirk? Please don't spoil the amazing ride that Babylon 5 is by reading the damned summaries!
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