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Re: Confessions: You do it and you know it is bad

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My husband is very "careful" with the heating of the house. When he's away overnight for work I put it all on full blast. It's just awesome to have a beautifully warm house for a change. Also, he wants to eat healthily so bans the "bad stuff" from the house. I still buy all that stuff but I leave it at work.
Wow. Did he mention his other wife in Michigan he does the same thing to?

My hubs keeps the house at 62. I know he's coming down with a cold when he turns it up to 66 or 68! The refrigerator at home is full of green things! The fridge at work s full of yummy stuff!

It seems to have rubbed off onto son, he keeps his at 55. He's also flirting with vegetarianism. He could follow the example of far worse!
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