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Re: The bird is out: ENTERPRISE on blu-ray

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ENT was not an attempt to reboot the franchise.
Sure it was. They used the Temporal Cold War as an excuse to tell the stories they wanted to tell, much the same way Abrams used time travel to tell the story he wanted.

Archer was suppose to be Kirk, T'Pol as Spock and Tucker as McCoy.

Unfortunately, they just didn't have enough faith in the concept to follow through.
Incorrect. The Temporal Cold War was a directive from on high (UPN wanted some kind of fallback to take the show back to the more familiar Trek era in case the prequel concept flopped with viewers). The Archer/T'Pol/Tucker triad was meant to evoke the Kirk/Spock/McCoy one of TOS. A homage is something entirely different from a reboot.
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