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Absolute worst character in DS9 History: Ezri Dax

Just finished watching DS9 from start to finish for about the 15th time or so and I **NEVER** liked Ezri since it's original run. She just did not fit the show, didn't fit Starfleet, and felt *rushed* as a last minute way to pop a character on the show to replace Dax. Combined with the fact that there were way too many episodes trying to develop her crappy character makes her the worst cast member in DS9 history. Maybe in the entire Stat Trek Universe beating out Neelix.

They should of just let Dax die with Jadzia, or maybe make Erzi leave DS9 after the 2nd episode on that starship as the councilor. I think it was too fake anyway having Sisko warm up to Ezri so fast just because she had the Dax symbiont. Worfs initial attitude towards Dax was more realistic IMHO.
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