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Re: Some "Court Martial" notes.

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I found it noteworthy that Kirk's former academy class mates in the Starbase club considered him guilty having just heard rumors. But somehow I can't seem to exclude the possibility that the edit of this episode was messed up (i.e. a later bar scene now coming first) and/or that the screenplay was changed last minute.

In the first scene Kirk leaves the Starbase club and almost bumps into Areel Shaw, without recognizing her. During that same scene the Starfleet official and Starship captains are already present, although according to Kirk's later log entry they are supposedly (still) on their way.
Look more closely at the screencaps. None of the officers in the bar scene have captains' stripes; they all have either a single stripe (lieutenant) or no stripes at all (ensign). Although most likely the costume people just grabbed whatever tunics were available (which is why they have Enterprise insignia) and didn't really have any specific ranks in mind for these characters. But remember that these were old colleagues of Kirk's, perhaps fellow Academy classmates, and Kirk was intended by the show's producers to be the youngest starship captain in the fleet. So it stands to reason that his peers and old friends would not yet be captains themselves.

The officers Kirk referred to in his later log entry were the ones selected to comprise his court-martial board, namely Space Command Representative Lindstrom and Captains Krasnovsky and Chandra, whom we saw in the courtroom scenes but who were definitely not present in the bar scene. So there is no continuity error here.
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