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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

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Season 7 is one of the best seasons of Doctor Who ever. Spearhead from Space is the weakest and I'd still probably give it a 10/10 .

I'm going through Troughton recons at the moment. Might do Enemy of the World tonight.
I really enjoyed Enemy of the World.

The Space Pirates - This one was pretty good, though it lost something as a Recon. Unlike many of the other recons, which I enjoyed the reconstructed episodes as much as the surviving ones, the survving episode was much better than the Rconstructed ones. It was always pretty obvious the Doctor favored Jamie over the others, but, this was nver so obvious in my memory as when in The Space Pirates, they pass out from oxygen deprivation, and the Doctor is laying next to Zoe and climbs over her in order to get to Jamie to ask if is alright, before bothering to ask Zoe, even though he was practically laying on top of her, and had to climb over to get to Jamie, LOL.

The War Games - Previously I had seen this on Youtube, in 3 chunks per episode, and the story seemed interminably long. Having seen it straight through this time, it was quite good, and didn't seen overly long or drawn out. Sad to see Trougton era come to an end, I've enjoyed the ride very much, and will be revisiting the era in the future wit great delight.

I planned on watching Stargate Universe next, but, it's still out on loan, so, I figured what the heck, I'll continue on with The Pertwee era, so, Spearhead From Space is up next
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