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Re: Which actor is most bitter?

Of course, that would probably simply be an almost unavoidable clash of personal feelings on the day: there's Tom, nervous about his big break (though he'd already been shooting location work for Robot by that point), and Jon, feeling out of sorts with second thoughts as to whether giving up one of the best roles of his career really is such a good move, and so not being the welcoming 'Head of the family' most guest stars report (though not all - he had some foul moods on occasion) just when Tom could do with some reassurance.
By all accounts, Tom was in an even worse mood during Logopolis, but Davison had realised he probably would be, and didn't take it personally. Whereas Sylvester had already mentally moved on and was just enjoying having an unexpected last lap, and Troughton made a point of being supportive to Hartnell, talking to him about his early career and so on while the technicians set up the regeneration shot.
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