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Re: COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS 5-page preview

Well, I'm a member of the fanbase too, and I sure as hell don't feel "offended" or "screwed with." I don't feel I'm entitled to be told about a story before it comes out. On the contrary, I think it's good not to know too much in advance. What matters is the movie itself, the complete story it has to tell, not the advance publicity. I think modern society has gotten too preoccupied with publicity as an end in itself, obsessing with previews and trailers and spoilers and leaks to such an extent that it drowns out the actual story at the heart of it all. I mean, for Pete's sake, we've reached the point where we're getting promos for teasers for trailers for movies! It's ridiculous! I don't need all this foofarah in advance. It's not what matters. I'd be fine going into that theater in May and not having any clue what to expect.

Hell, the reason they call them "spoilers" in the first place is because people used to think it ruined the viewing experience to be told too much in advance. There is value in being surprised by a story. I think Abrams is absolutely in the right to try to restore that sense of mystery and surprise, to resist the modern pressures to spill everything about the movie months in advance. I'm not offended by his approach; I laud it. So you can damn well speak for yourself and not pretend that your excessive sense of self-entitlement represents the consensus of fandom as a whole.
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