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Fun thing is, I don't even particularly like the character. She was ok, with some potential, but never put it to full use. But it was interesting to see finally some free-spirit character on Star Trek, which is notorious for being more than a little stuffy.

I also find that Nana Visitor is hotter.
Yeah, on Voyager, Tom Paris was supposedly the "fun" character who didn't care about rules, but by the end, he was more or less like everyone else. In that respect, Jadzia was unique.

Thank God for Kira, and for Nana Visitor for playing her so well. I don't know how she managed to pull off being badass AND adorable at the same time, but she did it. I also think she was prettier than Jadzia. Even with the nose wrinkles.

Sorry, I just really love Kira. She's one of my favorite characters.
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