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Re: Crew age and nu-Trek

Chekov was simply retconned from 13 to 17. That's all. It's the new normal. Or not, I guess.

Enraged "Star Trek" fans protest in front of Paramount Studios gate after finding out four years were added to the age of Chekov in Abrams' hit "Star Trek" movie. "Runied the experience for me," sobs one fan. Shouts of, "You raped our childhoods," could be heard from other fans. Some held placards that said, "17 = 13 in Abramsverse," "Who Mourns for Chekov?" and "Four Less Years!"

When asked to comment about the protesters, Abrams said, "Pedantic geeks, every one of them. I've had it. Scew 'em, I'm going to go direct the new 'Star Wars' movie."
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