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Re: Does It Get Better???

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I have a story about chalk and sidewalks actually...

This is our second separation. Don't know if we're getting back together this time but... during our first separation (before we lived together) I got some chalk and wrote "I love you" in her native language down the public sidewalk, all the way from her front door to the bus stop where she caught the bus for work.
Dude, I've gotten to know you fairly well in the past and I think you'll have no trouble finding another(if you chose) to return your love. You're an awesome guy with allot to offer. You'd be a great blessing for any woman to have. I think she'll be back because I doubt she'll find many(if any) better than you, dude.
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The Haunting of Deck Twelve: Filler and a plot full of cliches, but fun and entertaining nonetheless! Neelix was the perfect storyteller, and I loved seeing the Borg children's reactions! There was plenty of excitement to keep this one afloat.
It really shows how and why Neelix is great with children.
It also shows great growth with his character.
In "Elogium" he had doubts about being capable about being a parent and role model for a child. Between his time with Naomi and the Borg kids, he's really grown up and shown he has what it takes to be a good parent. Gone is the selfish, jealous person we saw in the first few seasons. Neelix has really grown up.
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