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Re: Did Vulcan space have a name?

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I suppose the same could be said for the direction that Enterprise, and later JJ Abrams Star Trek, took.

I tend to think that a new timeline was created before "Broken Bow", for there are so many contradictions between Enterprise and the first four series in what was established.
No more or greater than the contradiction that already existed between those first four series, or between TOS and the movies, or within any one series. Contradictions have always been a fact of life in Trek. If there had been fans in the 1960s as fixated on continuity details as fans today, imagine what we'd hear. "Those idiots! Kirk's middle initial is R, not T!" "What's all this 'Vulcan' crap? They're Vulcanians, morons!" "Hey, it wasn't Spock's father who married a human, it was one of his ancestors!" "Where'd this 'Federation' crap come from? They've been telling us for half a season that it's an Earth ship!" "Yeah, and it answers to Space Central or UESPA, not this Star Fleet thing!"

And then there are the contradictions betwen TOS and the movies. In TMP, how come the Klingons changed appearance, not to mention every last piece of Starfleet technology and design? Why is Kirk saying he was only out in deep space for five years when he was in Starfleet for nearly a decade before the "five-year mission" began? And TWOK's contradictions are enormous. How did Khan's multiethnic band of followers turn into a bunch of blond Nordic types? Why are they in their mid-20s if they were stranded as adults 15 years earlier? Why do they have a movie-era medical console in their hovel, and why does Khan wear a movie-era Starfleet insignia around his neck? How does Khan know Chekov? How can Kirk say he's "never faced death" after losing Gary, Edith, Sam, Aurelan, Miramanee, and his unborn son?

And so on. There's a whole series of YouTube videos cataloguing the inconsistencies among the various Trek shows -- I think KingDaniel's sig has a link to them. It's just that as the years pass, fandom gets used to those inconsistencies and learns to rationalize them or gloss them over -- so the equal inconsistencies in the newest incarnation seem unprecedented to them, and you get this stuff about "It's not real Trek because it isn't consistent." People said the same thing decades ago about the TOS movies and TNG. But they got over it. Well, most of them did. There have been a couple of posters on this BBS in recent years who still consider everything after TMP or thereabouts to be apocryphal.
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