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ENTER - VOY AV Contest: Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy/Doctor Unleashed/Cars

Last time, on Voyager Avatar Contest....

jespah wrote: View Post

The polls have closed and the recipients of the coveted Janeway Coffee Cups are -

Episode - Bride of Chaotica!
R. Star -

Voyager Theme - What were they thinkin'?
JiNX-01 -

Random Theme - Mickey Mouse
R. Star -

Leola root for the runners up -

Episode - Orac
Orac -

Voyager theme
R. Star -
Random theme -
Orac -
jespah -

Remember to take your free taco!
Congrats to all the winners! For this AV contest we have the following categories!

Episode: Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy... EMH dreams... therefore he is?
VOY theme: Doctor Unleashed... anything pertaining to the Doctor being liberated by his mobile emitter!
Random theme: Cars... make, models, eras don't matter so long as it has four wheels!

Standard rules apply, all entries must be no larger than 150x150. All are encouraged to enter and if you need any help or have any questions do ask! Otherwise, have fun!
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