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Re: most "wrong" episode...

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The point of Dear Doctor, and the PD, is to protect members of Starfleet from having to actually make decisions based on their morality. Picard said this in an episode, I think Pen Pals.
Not about morality, its about common sense. It's about actually examining the facts, its about examining what's happening in the here-and-now vs. what might happen a thousand years down the road.

Even if you completely discount that the Menk seem to be evolving quite well even with Valakian presence... they still interfered by handing the Valakians medicine that would ease their suffering for about a decade. They increased the odds that the Valakians would either find a cure on their own or develop a means of contacting another species that would work with then to create a cure.

The episode is pure non-sense.

Yeah, isn't that another ridiculous part of the episode? They're against "interfering," but they give them medicine which interferes in the diseases natural progression, and they consider it to be fine if they either find the cure on their own or another species helps them find it.

So... wtf? Either the disease should be let to run its course because "evolution intends it," or it's fine for them to get a cure for it. Instead, Archer and Phlox's attitudes seem to be "it's fine if they die from the plague or if they find a cure themselves or from another species, as long as it's not US HELPING THEM!" That's... like the least defensible position of any of them.

It continually baffles me to see that episode listed as one of the best of season 1.
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