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Need help with a TNG film I'm making

Hi there,
I'm a huge Star Trek fan, and so I decided to try writing, directing, producing & editing my own Star Trek (semi-parody) movie at work.

I'm certainly not a graphic designer though, and since it's pretty unlikely that I'll be able to find all the background shots I need from the TNG series (I'm doing a green screen movie), I'll need to find several screen captures with people in different locations and then try to cut out the parts of the pictures with no people and paste them together to make an empty background.

I've been able to find all the pictures of the main bridge that I need, but I'm having trouble finding pictures of the transporter room at the angles I need.

What I need are pictures of the wall & doors if the camera was near the steps of the transporter pad; and I also need a shot of the wall and left side of the transporter pad if the camera was in front of the doors, as well as the back corner if the camera was near the transporter pad.

If anyone can help find or create the pictures I need, I'll certainly add you to the credits of my movie and send you a link to it when it's done.
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