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Re: Some "Court Martial" notes.

this is a depiction of a society where no captain of a starship-of-the-line had ever been put on trial before.
Just goes to show that Starfleet is ruthless towards faulty individuals at lower positions already, and the cream of the cream that get to command big starships all know better than to insist on a trial...

I just figured Kirk's controls are 'mapped' for the occasion.
Indeed, the exact position of Intercom also changes from episode to episode.

I trust all the stations have fully reconfigurable "keyboards", which is why the bright primary colors are needed: the one at bottom right is Coolant Loop Alarm/Trip for Scotty, so it has to be red, whereas Uhura dropping her own keycard in the reader will transform the board so that bottom right now reads Quick Cross-Coupling for Lower Deck PA and is green for clarity.

If Spock had just waited a few more weeks before kidnapping Pike, he could have been cured by the spores on Omicron Ceti III.
To be fair, none of the cures the spores were credited with were particularly impressive - beyond the immunizing against Berthold rays. The most they did was grow back an appendix, but McCoy in ST4 has pills that grow back kidneys.

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