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Re: HMV to go into administration

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I managed to get season one of the next generation on blu-ray in HMV this afternoon for 46 because they were marking X's on things that have 25% off so should of been 62.
Cheaper from -- 44.69 -- sorry.
This sums it up, even stuff in their big going-out-of-business-we're-fucked sale, its still cheaper to buy it online.

I was looking round two HMVs this past week in different cities; nothing worth buying. Dark Knight Rises on bluray- 19.99 You could get it for about 13 at some supermarkets and online when it was first released
When their sale first started a bargain site on Twitter put out a tweet saying that HMV had a 25% sale going on and I replied "Does that mean I can walk round it without feeling ripped off just being there?" and they said " wouldn't go that far." I think that shows exactly what their reputation was.

But the same can be said for Comet, even their huge going out of business sale there was stuff going cheaper at the Curry's next door. Which shows it's not just about physical shops vs online.
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