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Re: Crew age and nu-Trek

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I didn't say that I personally didn't know how to respond, but<snip>
Of course you did. Sure, it was worded in such a way as to facilitate the sort of side-step you were attempting, but the implication was clear enough.
If that were true, I would've been unable to provide the reductio that appears before that statement.

Also, one should note the use of the word "scarcely." If you are reading hyper-literally (unable or unwilling to recognize the use of that trope known as hyperbole), even the literal meaning of "scarcely" does NOT indicate "that which is impossible," but rather "that which is achieved with great effort or by a small margin." In short, it does not mean that one is without answer, but that one is almost unaware of how to reply.

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If there is anything of the original topic (character ages) which yet remains to be explored, perhaps you ought to return to that now, and leave off with the "clever" games.
I got my answer and (bonus!) a structural diagnosis for why Chekov is a whiz-kid. My thanks to those who had the stardates and to Timo and Christopher for pointing out the structural ramifications of putting everyone in the same Starfleet class (i.e., Kirk has to be a little younger, Chekov has to be a little older, but even then he is noticeably younger than the rest of the crew, hence the need to make him a whiz-kid).
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