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Re: Crew age and nu-Trek

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It is very clear that the new team wanted to start fresh. They wanted to cut away a lot of narrative baggage.
According to Abrams and co on the DVD extras, Spock going back in time was plan A. They didn't have to repect the old, but they chose to.
It is also clear that they felt the need to appease the faithful, by coming up with a conceit whereby the new universe would somehow be connected with the old and where the fans could be comfortable in the knowledge that the TNG history had not been overwritten.
The branching history thing appears to have been a late addition to the story. In the early script at IMSDB, Spock deliberately goes back in time by opening a second black hole (not knowing exactly how far into the past he would be deposited), to have another chance to save Romulus.
The idea that the original timeline continues exists only in an easter egg-like reference during Spock's schooling, where one of the students answers is "Anything that can happen, does happen, is equal parallel realities."
The compromise was the Spock time travel and branching universe. To the extent that the internal goal (start fresh) compromised to external pressure (respect the old!), the creators chickened out on their immediate goal of rebooting. The Muppet Babies Academy Kids was one impact of the narrative choice made to strike this compromise.
Remember The Motion Picture, where an Enterprise refit was used as the excuse to change everything? It's a handwave, which while sort-of explaining why the ship now looks a big-budget design from 1979, absolutely fails to explain anything else, like why the Klingons were essentially replaced with a completely different species or why Vulcan, which we'd previously been told "has no moon", had a very busy sky indeed.

It's the same thing in nuTrek. A handwave which covers most of the changes - the rest are up to the viewers' willing suspension of disbelief. As far as I'm concerned, one line from Chekov in "Who Mourns For Adonais?" is NOT a deal breaker, any more than any of the other rewrites in Trek history. Fun to pick holes in, yes (see videos in my sig), but they certianly don't ruin my enjoyment of the product.
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