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Re: The bird is out: ENTERPRISE on blu-ray

Though Enterprise is interesting to me, as the first real attempt to reboot the franchise, it never really caught my attention. (I view TNG as a relaunch of the franchise on TV. It continued and expanded the universe first seen in TOS and the first four movies.) In Enterprise, they either deliberately or inadvertently decided what to edit out was established previously and went in a new direction. The show could have worked; it had potential.

I think the problem with Enterprise is that it didn't break new ground. If you are going to reboot the franchise, then take risks. JJ Abrams took a major risk by smegging Vulcan, and the mainstream audience and critics lapped it up.

Additionally, the time war arc was a dud. It didn't work, and it hung around the series neck like a albatross. The arc might have been used as a method to explain the changes in the timeline, but instead it ended up with Space NAZIs and wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey technobabble.

Finally, the people running Enterprise had funny ideas about what the fans wanted. They literally referred to the last show as a valentine for the fans.

If the season was charged less, like a 1/3 of the retail price, I may buy this season. However, TOS and TNG are at the top of my list.
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