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Man, all this Jadzia hate! I enjoyed the character, and thought she worked great in the show. I agree Farrell wasn't as strong as some of the other actors, but that's highlighted because she was on DS9 - by FAR the best acted show. I thought she did a decent job, and I enjoyed her in episodes like Blood Oath, Trials and Tribble-ations, others.

In terms of being inappropriate with her flirting, I'd say she was no more or less inappropriate than Riker or Bashir or Quark. All those characters would come on to people all the time - though I didn't have a problem with them regarding their flirting. But Quark would even sexually harass people (grabbing them inappropriately, etc.) - that's definitely worse than Jadzia's flirting.

Indeed, Quark and Bashir came on strong to her, always chasing her - in extremely lustful ways (especially Quark). I always thought she was not trying to hurt their feelings by breaking it to them. Further, i don't think she really was any more 'overly friendly' (people think its flirting) with them than she was with Sisko.

I definitely don't think she was playing mind games, though that's just my interpretation and I can definitely see how people might think that. Many times I think she wasn't actually flirting but her whimsical and friendly demeanor caused others to think she was. I think the character tried to lighten others up some times - which I guess rubbed some the wrong way. Also, I think she wasn't arrogant at all.

But hey - that's just me! A few posters did have some reasonable critiques.

It's funny though, I've seen threads on other boards, or even been in conversation with people, where hate starts pouring on a character, like say Bashir or Kira, and I think to myself - am I crazy for liking him/her? Everyone seems to hate this character. But later, in say character polls (the most extensive I ever saw for DS9 had around 180 voters), the characters place fairly well.

Of course, there are characters who seem to be universally loved - Garak, Odo, to a lesser extent Quark - and characters who some love, some hate, to varying degrees, like Jadzia, Bashir, Kira, and even Sisko. Just my personal experience having spent way to much time reading/listening to people talk about DS9 for too many years

As an aside: It was especially funny regarding character hate - but not funny in a good way at the time - with my girlfriend from back in high school, whose entire family and some of her friends enjoyed the show but just hated Bashir - the character who I related to the most! Yeah, me and her didn't work out....

I personally really enjoyed all the characters (the only show I can say that about), except Bareil, who I found odd and spacey, and Shaakar, who I thought they could have done a better job with - though I didn't hate either. Well, there's also Kai Winn - but you're supposed to want to shoot yourself when she talks, so that's different.

Regarding the 'whore' thing, 'flirting' does not make someone 'a whore,' and that word connotes such a value judgement and double standard.

And no I'm not morally superior for saying so (who is in a position to judge that, especially on a message board?), nor am I intellectually lazy - but I do appreciate clever irony.
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