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Kestrel wrote: View Post
I was hoping you'd turn up.
I always do. Think of this as my Iguana-Signal.

sonak wrote: View Post
well to be fair, I thought better of that post and deleted it. Oh well, it was still true.
Please, leave it. I do have a healthy sense of irony. Can you say the same? Because your knee-jerk reaction seems to point the other way.

Ryva Brall wrote: View Post
Whoa. What happened to this thread while I was gone?
Apparently, I turned up.

JustKate wrote: View Post
But then again, I've personally never thought much of flirting, anyway. I prefer being straight-forward about feelings, and all that teasing and "hard to get" stuff just confuses and irritates me.
As I've said, I've found this is often the origin of many people's dislike of Jadzia.
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