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Re: 'Dark Frontier' Where the Borg went wrong?

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At times it feels more like an episode of NuDoctor Who. Where the 11th Doctor can just talk the Daleks in to submission despite the Dalek's reputation as no BS killers.

As Voyager predates the 11th Doctor, it's more accurate to say he feels more like Voyager than the other way around.

I've watched the episode several times in the past weeks, including earlier today. I never quite understood how that torpedo was beamed aboard in the teaser, since the Borg presumably keep shields up if in range of a potential target and should be able to detect an attempt to penetrate their defenses. Showing how Voyager overcame Borg shields would have been nice.

I'm not a big fan of the use of flashbacks, whether in literature, television, or film (that's right, I'm not a big fan of Casablanca except for the "Major Strasser has been shot!" scene).

There are some good moments, though. I like the Fort Knox rehearsal and subsequent mission. I especially like David Bell's score in those scenes.

Neelix still gets on my nerves.

For me, the weakening of the Borg as villains began with TNG's "I, Borg".
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