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Re: whats your rank of TOS and TNG films?

1. The Voyage Home (my fave, chemistry among the cast was great)
2. The Wrath of Khan (brilliant plot, great acting)
3. First Contact (best action in all the movies)
4. The Undiscovered Country (nice political intrigue)
5. Star Trek (2009) (overall, great revival of the original crew)
6. The Search for Spock (moves at good pace, big moments for the characters)
7. Nemesis (underrated I feel, 2nd best of TNG era and interesting story)
8. The Motion Picture (epic feel)
9. Generations (nice to see Kirk and Picard meet)
10. The Final Frontier (had some funny bits, nice seeing them camping)
11. Insurrection (ummmm....nice to see Riker and Troi back together I guess)
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