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Re: La-La Land Records to release 4-disc DS9 soundtrack set!

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I'd really like to see something along these lines!
Personally, I'd rather have complete episode scores than having only 6-8 minutes from each episode...
If we had the option to hear complete episode scores (a la the TOS and Ron Jones box sets) I'd definitely go with that option, but if the music is being limited to four CDs, I'd rather just hear the best cues from the series. I love Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, but even the best scores to the best episodes could have absolutely dull cues of sonic wallpaper in them. I have no need to hear those if it means missing out on better music.
Very true, however even the TNG set which was limited to 3 discs had a bit of that sonic wallpaper, especially on Chattaway's disc. (IMHO) the track selection in the TNG set was a bit questionable overall.
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