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er, that would still be wildly inappropriate if she were days away from marriage.
Why? Maybe we need to define flirting. It doesn't mean "I want to have sex with you," you realize. All it means is "You're attractive." You can still find other people attractive even if you're about to get married.

I found many of Jadzia's "flirty" moments heavy-handed - not sure if that was Ferrell's fault, the writers' or both. But it is silly to equate flirting with whoredom.

er, I didn't use the word "whore," I used "inappropriate." Which I think it was. It was a little too suggestive to be the friendly "you're cute" kind of flirting, plus her being so close to marriage makes it a little more disrespectful. Nothing wrong with finding others attractive when you're married, though.
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