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You... hoped her costars would be unprofessional?
Where did you read that? What i meant by "Creating problems behind the scenes", i really meant just generally the producers/creators/directors etc finding that she wasn't performing to expectations and was having a negative impact on the scenes she was in and on the overall quality of the show.

In other words i was hoping she'd get axed from the show.. Whether it be because she was unpopular with fans or the producers didn't think Farrell was working out, either would've worked for me.

I would be surprised if there weren't some behind the scenes discussions regarding Farrells lack lustre acting skills.
Oh, I gotcha. Sorry, I misunderstood you as saying that they'd be rude or dismissive towards her, something like that.

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er, that would still be wildly inappropriate if she were days away from marriage.
Why? Maybe we need to define flirting. It doesn't mean "I want to have sex with you," you realize. All it means is "You're attractive." You can still find other people attractive even if you're about to get married.

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Well, didn't take much time. You had such a good start, talking about bad acting, lackluster character arcs, and inconsistent writing... all good, sensible reasons to dislike her character. Turns out it was good ol' misogyny. Too bad.
I was hoping you'd turn up.

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I guess I don't really get how joking about having sex later with a mostly naked guy, while her arm is around him is "harmless flirting".. Especially if he wouldn't know if she was joking or not? (i didn't). I mean, they didn't even know each other.. He's not to know she's "just being Jadzia".

I'm gonna have to watch the scene again.. at the time it was a serious WTF moment..
I seem to recall she was established as being pretty good friends with him, wasn't she? Could be wrong, though. And of course if he did misunderstand her intentions, it'd be somewhat embarrassing but nothing more than a "oh no, sorry, that was just kidding around earlier."

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I've found that pretentious posters with no sense of irony whatsoever about their own pretentiousness frequently make absurd and ridiculous generalizations that coincidentally, happen to mirror cultural stereotypes and cliches about certain groups and society. They also like to demonstrate their moral superiority and intellectual laziness by using buzz words like misogyny.
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