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I am hoping Dankokoro's...overstatement is a result of his dislike for the character.
More or less, yeah.. She's obviously not an actual whore (didn't think i'd have to explain myself on that one).

I did also have a problem with her flirting though, mainly because i didn't actually get the impression she was joking/teasing.. perhaps if was how Farrell delivered the lines (wouldn't be surprised)..

I guess I don't really get how joking about having sex later with a mostly naked guy, while her arm is around him is "harmless flirting".. Especially if he wouldn't know if she was joking or not? (i didn't). I mean, they didn't even know each other.. He's not to know she's "just being Jadzia".

I'm gonna have to watch the scene again.. at the time it was a serious WTF moment..
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