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Re: COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS 5-page preview

I don't know, I just expect a preview to be, well a preview, not a recap. The preview to Countdown, we were introduced to Nero and his crew. That's a preview.

Really, it's just beginning to feel like a bit too much effort is going into keeping things a secret in regards to STID, moreso than XI and they sure went overboard there. After a full year of it, it is rather frustrating. A better approach would be Abrams and his gang to just keep their mouths shut until they want to give something away. None of this "this guy is playing a canon character but we won't tell you who he is" or eleven months until finally saying "the character's name is John Harrison." There was something to be said about the days when scripts leaked online. Hell, even Rick Berman gave away actual spoilers in his official interviews. I miss those days.
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