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Re: Jurassic Park 4 Coming June 14, 20...2014!!!

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^ For me, the wussification of the raptors totally invalidates the "eh, at least it's a solid monster movie" argument. Say what you like about The Lost World, at least its rexes knew to punish those who'd stolen its young.
This use of the raptors in JP3 was just really, really bad. You'd think at the end they'd be looking at one another going, "Hey, Gary? It it me or does this guy look kind of weird?"

"Yeah, he does, but he's talking like us so I dunno..."

"His voice sounds odd, though, kind of nasally and dry or something. Like he has no flesh on his snout.

"Yeah but he seems to know the language..."

"What?! His dialect and syntax is all over the place! He just asked us where he can find a good pizza place! There's no pizza places in these parts!"

"True. Screw this guy, he's not worth our time. Take the eggs and let's get out of here."

"I'm right with you man. Hey, by the way, when did we stop having one of us lead the pray away while two others ambushed the guy from the sides?"

"I dunno, just grab the damn eggs. This guy will kill himself sooner or later the way he looks and talks."
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