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Re: COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS 5-page preview

Actually it makes perfect sense that the comic would open this way. It's an interstitial work between the two movies, and there's no guarantee that the people who read it will read any of the other Abramsverse comics; so for many readers, this will be the very next story in sequence after the '09 movie. So it makes perfect sense to begin it with a reference to the events of that movie, a reminder of it to establish the progression of events. It's being done that way for story reasons, not because of some evil conspiracy to keep people in the dark. And it's perfectly understandable why they wouldn't preview more than the first few pages; after all, it hasn't come out yet, so it makes no sense to expect to be shown more than a small portion of the work. Just because you don't get instant gratification, that doesn't mean anyone's doing anything wrong. There was a time when people understood that.
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