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Well, didn't take much time. You had such a good start, talking about bad acting, lackluster character arcs, and inconsistent writing... all good, sensible reasons to dislike her character. Turns out it was good ol' misogyny. Too bad.

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I'm not a hater of Jadzia--

And yet, you always find the time to say something offensive about her every time she's mentioned. What an unlikely coincidence!

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Still...I do find her constant "irreverence" quite off-putting. She constantly goes out of her way to make jokes at the expense of everyone and everything she can--and when someone dares to bust her chops, she acts all offended!

There's also the running gag that whenever a secret a regular wants to be kept--and it gets spread around the station...the explanation almost invariably is that "so-and-so told Dax"--"Oh, well, yeah--that explains it."

And then, there's the constant mind game she seemed to enjoy playing at Bashir's expense--spinning him around her finger, and snickering all the way. *sigh*

In short, she has respect for precious little--while she seems incapable of laughing at herself.
Weren't you guys hating on her because she was "too perfect"? Seems you are pretty inconsistent with your complaining.

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And then, there's the constant mind game she seemed to enjoy playing at Bashir's expense--spinning him around her finger, and snickering all the way. *sigh*
The more I think about it, Jadzia was pretty danged manipulative when it came to Bashir... and Quark, for that matter. She knew they both had feelings for her, and she loved using it against them. If there's anything I can't stand, it's somebody who toys with others' emotions.
I would say that rather than having "feelings" for her, what Bashir and Quark had for her was the hots. Not a lot of feeling there (at least not in the heart or mind ) is what I'm saying. If they did have feelings for her that were more substantive than lust, they didn't let these "deep" feelings get in way of making plays for plenty of other women, that's for sure.

And maybe this is because I am a female too, but I say any guy who goes around making passes at a woman who has made it very clear she isn't interested in him deserves to find out over and over again that - guess what - she is not interested in him. Actually, any female who does this (e.g. Chapel and Spock) deserves the same treatment as well.

I found many of Jadzia's "flirty" moments heavy-handed - not sure if that was Ferrell's fault, the writers' or both. But it is silly to equate flirting with whoredom.
Nonono, you have it wrong: women who flirts with men are whores.

Socially maladjusted geeks have troubles discerning between playful teasing as a normal social interaction and actual signals of sexual interest. This is why sometimes they think a woman is interested in them, and when they find out she's not and she was only enjoying some playful social niceties, they become enraged and feel they have been "led" and "wronged". I've found that much (obviously, not all) of the vitriol against Jadzia in fandom stems from apparently still-stinging memories of this kind of encounters.
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